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When I was at university, I endured much well-intentioned teasing about my combination of majors - geology and theatre (costume) design. While there were many times I rolled my eyes at my father saying I was going to end up painting rocks, I now find myself...painting rocks. And birds. And insects. And plants. Along the way to where I am now I discovered there's a name for what I love to do: Scientific Illustration.


I find it fascinating. I get to learn about a new organism, or learn more about a familiar organism, with every piece. I get to create something beautiful, or simple, or simply well-designed, and it goes to support scientists and science, or raise awareness about biodiversity, or to brighten a wall or make someone smile.


I regularly paint, draw and design of all sorts of natural subjects. I work with birders, bird-lovers, nature enthusiasts, scientists and researchers to create paintings, drawings, illustrations, diagrams, and logos.

If you're interested and want to learn more about pricing and timing, please don't hesitate to email me! PaintingBiology AT will get you there! You can also go to my Contact page and send a message from there.

You can easily reach and order many of my products using my Etsy Store button, located at the bottom of the page.


Thanks! And Welcome! - Julia


Shout outs:

The Bloomington Watercolor Society

Indigo Birding Tours (Indiana Birding)

The Sassafras Audubon Society

The Venue Fine Art and Gifts in Bloomington, IN 

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